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Teller Windows

  • Bullet Resistant
  • Easy Installation
  • Free Consultation


Windows 123 provides teller windows to financial institutions both small and large. We were founded under the core vision of simplifying the complicated and providing unparalleled customer service. Our team lives out this vision daily by:

1. Educating customers on what type of solution best meets their needs.
2. Providing fast and competitively priced quotes.
3. Seeing the entire process through from purchase order to the delivery.
4. Complete installation available upon request.


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Our Teller Windows

  • Bullet Resistance (Optional)
  • Outdoors or Indoors
  • Variety of Window Intercoms
  • Variety of Pass-Thru Slot Options
  • Variety of finishes available
  • Variety of Color Options
  • Bullet Resistance (Optional)
  • Outdoors or Indoors
  • Multiple Window Intercom Options
  • Multiple Pass-Thru Slot Optons
  • Multiple Finish Options
  • Multiple Color Options
  • Level 1 Bullet Resistance
  • Interior Use Only
  • Surround Sound Voice Transmission
  • Multiple Finish Options
  • Outdoor or Indoor Installation
  • Custom Sizes Available
  • Hands Free Operation
  • Stainless Steel or Aluminum Material
  • Multiple Finish Options
  • Multiple Color Options
  • Outdoor or Indoor Installation
  • Stock or Custom Sizes
  • Self-Closing Mechanism
  • Self-Latching Handle
  • Removable Header Access Panel
  • Level 1 or 3 Bullet Resistance
  • Interior Windows
  • Custom Fab to Fit Opening
  • Multiple Customizeable Options



Let us help you select the ticket windows & accessories that will be the best possible fit for your project. All of our products are of the highest quality, built to endure the test of time. Beyond that, We strive to make shopping easy with our warm customer service, user-friendly website and free consultations!


We will send you a custom and competitive quote that includes the ticket windows as well as the necessary accessories needed to fully install.


We work with businesses small and large, and will work to get the windows delivered ASAP and in accordance with your schedule. We can even install.

For same day quote call 1 (800) 504-9060




Have purchased similar windows elsewhere from other vendors, but always ran into trouble because of missing parts, delayed deliveries etc. Have now placed 10+ orders with you all with no hiccups. Our clients and I thank you!!
Adam Arnault
General Contractor - Operations Manager
The team over at Windows 123 was super friendly and it was overall a wonderful experience. Working with them allowed us to focus on larger scope of project rather and really took a lot off our shoulders. Highly recommend
Jacqueline Schwartz
Dealer Principle
Fair prices and great customer service. There's really not much else to say. Best distributor in the game.
Mike Stuart
Municipality Procurement Manager